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True Play Adventures began when we met a gentleman in a small business marketing class that manufactured tactical laser tag equipment. The distinctiveness and innovation of his equipment caught our attention immediately. Soon, we had developed a turnkey mobile business model using this amazing equipment to introduce to the Abilene marketplace.

We are kids at heart. This means enjoying video games with our kids and finding fun outdoor activities (especially in lieu of hitting the gym). Sure enough, a “to your door” laser tag business seemed like a no brainer. It supports five core values we have:


Living a healthy lifestyle and demonstrating those benefits to our kids.


Our laser adventures encourage interaction suitable for any group of people, including multi-generational interaction (which makes it great for families).


We offer multiple game formats that foster strategic thinking, and light-spirited competitiveness.


We have a CPR-certified field marshal and emphasize rules that support clean good fun.


We believe life is truly what you make it and enjoying life is crucial. That’s where True Play Adventures can help.

It’s simply an entertainment option that gets kids and adults alike off the couch, running around, and just plain having some fun for a few hours.

Of all the many forms of entertainment available to us, not many of them offer a truly positive and constructive recreational experience. For those of us looking for something active, challenging, memorable—in other words, a true adventure!—that’s exactly what True Play Adventures is all about.

Come Join the Adventure!

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